Alex Pol Tree Services

Alex Pol Tree Service is a separate division of Alex Pol Landscaping Inc. with it’s own dedicated crew and equipment delivering the same high standards of care as the parent company.
 Tree Care and removal is a highly specialized skill!
Knowledge of trees, growing location, disease and care are keys to assess the situation properly. Tree Removal should not be the first option! Alex Pol is an certified arborist certified the International Society of Arboriculture and a specialist in tree assessment,
Trees are an asset to you, your family and property value, They represent emotional attachment as well as shade, beauty and an air cleaner, therefore they need to be looked after properly. When pruning it is essential to be selective in the branch trimming and removal. The proper cuts at specific locations is also very important for the tree’s health and beauty. This takes years of training, experience and dedication to the field to become proficient. Alex and his team are specialists in this and provide expert tree care. Alex is frequently called upon to speak at garden club meetings on the finer art of tree pruning, 
Alex Pol Tree Services provide:

  • Tree crown clearing, shaping and thinning
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Brush chipping
  • Tree selection and planting
  • Tree assessment / arborist reports 
  • Tree structural support (cabling, guying and staking)
  • Lot clearing

If you like your trees call an expert to ensure they are healthy, and look their best. 
A small investment for a life time of enjoyment 

Alex Pol

Phone: 905 244 0756